4-16x50mm FFP
while supplies last!
We now do Hydro Dipping and Dura Coating!

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4-16×50 (FFP) MIL-DOT Tactical Scope
$950 (while supplies last!!!)

JOL Rifle Scopes

Doomsday Tactical Solutions is dedicated to bringing you the best rifle scopes from Japan Optics and offer training from some of the best in the industry to help you gain confidence in your abilities. Japan Optics Ltd. (JOL) was established in June, 2005 with most of members from Hakko whose quality has been widely recognized throughout the world over the past 40 years.

Hello I would like to introduce myself. I’m Daniel Frazier, and probably like you…I’m a big time shooter and hunter. I love spending a long day at the range just relaxing and testing different powder loads and rifles. I’ve used many rifle scopes all the name brands.
The rifle scope that I’m really into is the 4-16x50mm  ( FFP ). Having the ability to adjust my rifle scope and not lose my point of impact at any setting is a plus. Also been using a 6-26x56mm rifle scope on my 300 win mag. REACH OUT AND TOUCH ME!
I’ve been putting these rifle scopes thru the paces. Have a 12-60x56mm rifle scope on a friend’s 50cal, he has shot over a 1000 rounds through it in less than 4 months and the rifle scope is still holding true. He’s told me if his rifle scope fell apart tomorrow that he would buy another rifle scope from me just because of the abuse his rifle scope has all ready been put  through.
I believe in telling the truth. I’m not going tell you these are the best rifle scopes in the world! But these rifle scopes are well made with some of the best glass on the planet. Let’s face it,  Japan makes good glass and the company I sell my rifle scopes for are not new to the game, they have been in business for over 40 years making rifle scopes. They have been making OEM parts for many rifle scope companies you might even own one now that you swear by.
Just check out the rifle scope impact test they do on there rifle scopes on my website. I would love to have you and some friends come out and do some shooting with me and you can see for yourself how well these rifle scopes perform. We can do some Firearms training as well basic rifle, pistol.
At the moment I can only get MIL-DOT reticles for the MPZ tactical rifle scopes.
For you AR 15 FANS the 1-4×24 rifle scope is a sweet heart with 120 minutes of adjustment on this rifle scope in Front Focal Plane (FFP).
This rifle scope would make a great varmint rifle scope or a good day just out blinking with the friends.
The 2.5-10×50 rifle scope would make a great rifle scope for a 243, 270, 308 or a 30-06.
Depends what your needs are for a rifle scope. I would like to help you out. If you have any questions about rifle scopes please give me a call at 1-405-664-9547.
Thank you,
Daniel Frazier